We're Hiring a Ninja Multi lingual Personal / Virtual Assistant

We're looking for a Personal / Virtual assistant to help me create and manage a team of very professional people to grow our Training Institute and consulting business.

This is an NOT an entry-level position, you should have some training and/or extensive personal experience with the tasks required below . It is the right kind of position for someone who has worked on as a PA of a dynamic company or CEO in the past and is highly motivated, know how to listen and devise the best ways to implement, is quick at understanding the issues at hand and capable to get results in the leanest manner possible on their own steam . It is not about doing it all yourself but you need to be knowledgeable in the topics yourself, to know that you will be hiring and managing a highly engaged team and see issues occurring before they manifest and ruin the planning.

You will be expected to


Participate in creating the strategy of a multi lingual business ( french/ English/ German/ Spanish) with me and my close collaborateurs and hire team members accordingly. You will also be expected to prepare and create Gantt’s charts of all the departments timed tasks involved in the conception, launch and delivery of programs and the smooth operation of the after sales customer service incorporating and delivering improvements according to the feed back received.


Be highly organized and have excruciating attention to detail.
Be able to create highly and quickly actionable planning and delivery of our activities ( 5 different yet interconnected revenue streams) whilst keeping to set financial targets.

Be a communication ninja fairy. Either internally or outward facing, you will often be the face of the Company and contribute to create a very energetic yet smooth, exciting and desirable place to work in and with.


Remember you will be handling an international team with the langages mentioned above initially so a working knowledge of at least French / and Spanish German nearly unavoidable.
Have the ability to step in when needed, roll up your sleeves and get the job done when stuff happens- And stuff, always happens..

Have a good working grasp of social media management, paid advertising ( you need to master the workable basis of FB/ twitter and LI advertising and google/ bing adwords a plus . ) Again this does not mean YOU will be doing all the work, but you are fluent enough to know whether a prospective hire will make a good and efficient fit for the co or not. You handle copywriting ,video producing and basic PS- again enough to know whether your prospective hire is a good fit or step in when absolutely needed.

You have to be willing to organize yourself and later on get some help to cover the near 24hr schedule the Co operates across the different time zones. It does not mean you go sleep and fun deprived, it means you are highly organized in making sure the key posts are monitored around the clock , knowing that the bug stops with you if something goes pear shape.

I’m looking for 40 hours + a week, as a long term commitment .

I’m willing to pay for your learning curve with this very exciting Co, but not for your education. You may occasionally be tasked with using apps or tools you do not know as yet, but you will be smart enough to find a way to know it – the internet is a big place to find anything you want and need or someone who knows how to help you.

You need to be available for a morning Skype call once a day initially , at 7am CET. Initially I will prepare the call planning , but you will take over the task quickly to make sure we cover all we need .

The position carries an interesting scalable remuneration
Basic + commissions on pre agreed targets. The earning potential is therefore only limited by your ability to organize better systems, better and more efficient HAPPY teams and customers.

If you’re still interested, here’s how to apply

Read all of these instructions first.
Start a stopwatch.
Create a page somewhere online that is publicly accessible, but there is no readily obvious way to navigate to it, i.e., you have to know the URL, but don’t need a password.
Based on the above description , create a planning of how you will manage the creation/ launch and delivery of the first 5 courses in the initial 4 langages- time scale/ team required/ systems/ budget , etc. The order has to be EN/ FR/ DE/ ES.
Send me a LinkedIn invitation with a personalized message @lianemontagne

Record a brief video in which you
a) introduce yourself,
b) choose a narrative relating to a business issue to tell in your own words and
c) tell me why you’re the perfect person, what are your weakest spots, for this job and the remuneration you are seeking to achieve taking into consideration the structure I mentioned earlier
d) Tell me what you should be asking me now.
e) une partie de ce video devra être dans une autre langue que l’anglais
f) Ansonsten sagen Sie mir , wer Ihren liebsten Autoren ist und warum.

Post the video to YouTube as “Unlisted” visibility.
Identify a mutual friend you’d be willing to use as a reference. This is not an absolute requirement, but it’s a huge plus.
Post all of the above to the page you created in step 3.
List your social media profiles and any portfolio or writing/ work samples.
Stop the stopwatch and record the time on your application page.
Send me the link somehow. To make sure I get it, I suggest sending it via at least 2 different channels.

I’d prefer you not contact me with questions about the application process. You should be able to figure out everything above, but if you’re not sure about something, try to use your best judgment and explain/clarify in your application.

Remember this position is not for beginners , whiners or mumblers. If you think you are going to overwhelmed or under paid , you have missed most the vital points and you have already disqualified yourself from the position.
You will virtually set your own remuneration according to results you plan and reach.
This Company is slated to reach 1M TO by the end of this year in less than 7 months of existence.